Make the right choice: sweet cherry varieties

Make the right choice: sweet cherry varieties

Early ripening varieties

In contrast to other varieties, early ripening varieties have the advantage that they are usually worm-free. The reason: The cherry fruit fly is only later actively involved in laying eggs on sweet cherries. Therefore all maggot haters are spot on with these early varieties!

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One of the most recommendable early varieties is the well-known 'Burlat' variety. It ripens between late May and mid-June. Their fruits are dark red, large, firm and juicy. It represents the earliest cartilage cherry and delivers high yields.

The varieties 'Kassins Frühhe Herzkirsche' (1st to 2nd cherry week) and 'Bernhard Nette' (2nd to 3rd cherry week) have also proven themselves. They also convince with large and dark red colored fruits. Both varieties are extremely aromatic.

Medium-late ripening varieties

There are all kinds of varieties that ripen late (4th to 5th cherry week). Here are the most important ones to be harvested in the 4th cherry week:

4th cherry week:

  • 'Große Prinzessinkirsche': very large, yellow-red, can be stored well
  • 'Valeska': medium-sized, black-red, burst-resistant
  • 'Annabella': medium-sized, brown-red-black, burst-resistant

In the 5th cherry week the following proven varieties ripen:

  • 'Sylvia': large, dark red-brown, medium firm, slender growth
  • 'Alma': medium-sized, black-brown, high-yielding, firm
  • 'Büttners Rote Cartpelkirsche': medium-sized, reddish-yellow, very sweet, old and robust variety, good burst-resistant
  • 'Big Black Cartilage Cherry': medium-sized, dark red to black, good fruit quality, slightly tart
  • 'Hedelfinger Riesenkirsche': medium-sized, brown-red, spicy, very productive, disease-resistant, yields start late

Late ripening varieties

Even late-ripening varieties (late July to August) among the sweet cherries are worth planting. The most famous varieties among them include the following:

  • 'Summit': very large, dark red, firm
  • 'Regina': very large, red-brown, good burst-resistant, extremely productive
  • 'Hudson': medium-sized, brown-red, firm
  • 'Merton Late': high yielding, yellow-red, burst-resistant
  • 'Schneider's late cartilage cherry': medium-sized, dark red, burst-resistant

Tips & Tricks

Remember: particularly vigorous varieties such as 'Merton Late', 'Burlat' and 'Great Black Cartilage Cherry' should be pruned regularly and generously.