How to cut the sack flower - tips and tricks

How to cut the sack flower - tips and tricks

Does the sacrum have to be cut regularly?

Regular pruning of your sacrum is definitely recommended so that you can look forward to a lush bloom. Whether this should be done in spring or autumn depends on your care habits, but also on the variety. Some sacred flowers bloom on the old wood, while others bloom on this year's young shoots.

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If your saccharose blooms on the young shoots, pruning is recommended in late winter before they sprout again in spring. Varieties that bloom on old wood, on the other hand, can also be pruned back in autumn.

In spring you should remove any frozen shoots. In contrast, June is the right time to cut cuttings for propagation. If you haven't pruned your sacrum for a few years, it is probably time to make a rejuvenating pruning.

Do you recommend pruning after flowering?

Compact growth should be promoted by slightly pruning the shoot tips immediately after flowering. Regularly remove the withered flower panicles, then stimulate your sacrum to develop new buds and thereby bloom longer and more profusely.

Prune the sacrum in the hedge

If you have planted an entire hedge with bag flowers, you should definitely prune them regularly. On the one hand, this cut serves to maintain a beautiful shape, on the other hand, it prevents this as much as possible from the sacred flower becoming too lignified and only blooming a little.

The tapering cut in the sacrum

A so-called rejuvenation cut is recommended for older sac flowers that are already lignified and only bloom sparsely. Do it in three stages, spread over the next three years. Every year, cut a third of the existing shoots back to about half of the previous length so that all the shoots are shortened at the end.

The essentials in brief:

  • annual pruning recommended
  • cut on old wood blooming sac flowers in autumn
  • In spring, cut the blooming sacrum flowers on the young shoots
  • Shorten the shoots by about a third
  • always cut over an outward-facing eye
  • cut off dead flowers for a new shoot
  • Spread the rejuvenation cut over 3 years
  • Prune older sac flowers more vigorously
  • Cut cuttings in early summer


If you are not sure whether your sacrum will bloom on the old or new wood, it is best to cut the plant back only slightly in autumn. In case of doubt, pruning in spring could lead to failure of the flower.