How to cut the josta berry correctly - cutting instructions for beginners

How to cut the josta berry correctly - cutting instructions for beginners

Cut the josta berry after harvest

When it comes to the correct cutting date, a josta berry pulls together with its ancestors blackcurrant and gooseberry. The best time for a thinning and maintenance cut is after the harvest. This has the advantage that you can clearly see worn rods. If you missed the summer cut deadline, a second time window opens in late winter. A special plus point of this choice of dates is a leafless berry bush, which offers a good overview for the competent pruning.

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Cutting instructions

So that a josta berry does not grow over your head, bald and age prematurely, please cut the berry bush once a year. The pruning care is aimed at old, dark brown shoots that are largely exhausted. The most valuable treasure of a yoke berry are annual, light brown long shoots that bloom and bear fruit on numerous short shoots. How to cut properly:

  • Saw off old, dark brown ground shoots at the roots
  • Important: do not leave any stumps
  • Shorten removed side shoots until just before the bark of the scaffold shoot
  • Multiply branched side shoots lead to the youngest side branch

On the scaffold shoot with multiple branched side shoots, you can use the cutting technique of derivation. Cut off the older side shoot at the fork to the younger side branch. The darker the bark, the older the shoot. Please measure the circumference of the cut so that there is a balanced balance of perennial and young shoots on the Josta berry bush.

Bypass scissors and folding saw

You can cut a josta berry without a lot of effort and in an extra plant-friendly manner with the right tool. Ideally, shoots up to about 3 centimeters in diameter should be cut with bypass scissors. The way it works is based on two sharp cutting edges that run against each other and produce smooth cuts. You can saw off thick scaffolding drives with a folding saw (€ 17.70 on Amazon *) with which you can maneuver well in the tightest of spaces.

Cut annual wood as cuttings

In the regular pruning of a josta berry, light brown, annual shoots are taboo because they promise a rich berry harvest in the future. The only exception is if you want to grow more yokeberries. Between September and April cut annual, unbranched shoot tips with a length of 15 to 20 centimeters.

Plant two thirds of a leafless cutting in a pot with potting soil. Water regularly on the bright, warm windowsill so that the offshoots quickly take root. Put a transparent cover over the pot and the rooting process will be accelerated.


To radically rejuvenate an aged josta berry, there is no difference to black currant. At the end of February, cut off old scaffolding shoots at ground level. You divert ground shoots there with promising side shoots. The age can be easily recognized by the dark brown bark. Young shoots with light brown, smooth bark remain as a starting point for a new structure.