Proper care for the beard flower

Proper care for the beard flower

How often does the beard flower have to be watered?

  • Moderately but regularly
  • Avoid waterlogging
  • Let the top layer of soil dry off

Beard flowers survive short dry periods without any problems. Watering is only necessary when the soil above has dried off. This is especially true for potted plants. In any case, the vessels must have sufficiently large drainage holes.

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How much fertilizer do beard flowers need?

The beard flower is a fairly undemanding plant that gets along well with few nutrients.

Outdoors it is sufficient if you give the beard flower a little rose fertilizer after pruning in spring (€ 11.41 at Amazon *). If you prune the shrub in autumn, you should then mulch it with compost and a mulch of leaves.

The bushes need more fertilizer in the tub. Give some rose fertilizer once a month according to the instructions.

How are the ornamental shrubs replanted?

Beard flowers are deep-rooted. If you plan to transplant the shrub, dig as deep as you can so you can catch all of the roots.

Beard flowers grown in the tub can be repotted when the pot has become too small. You can recognize this by the fact that the roots protrude from the drainage hole at the bottom.

The best time to transplant or repot is spring.

Do beard flowers need to be cut?

Beard flowers only bloom on annual shoots. They must therefore be cut down to a third of the stature height in early spring.

If necessary, you can cut the bushes in autumn after flowering. But then the bearded flower needs particularly good winter protection.

Which pests and diseases can occur?

Beard flowers are very robust and disease resistant. The leaves, which are slightly hairy and, depending on the variety, have a slightly spicy smell, repel pests.

Do beard flowers need winter protection?

Most beard flowers are only partially hardy and need light winter protection outdoors. As a precaution, you should overwinter some sensitive varieties in a pail frost-free.


You can propagate particularly beautiful beard flower varieties yourself. To do this, cut cuttings from the mother plant in June or July. However, you need a lot of patience before the plant flowers for the first time.

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