Fight dockers - with and without chemical pesticides

Fight dockers - with and without chemical pesticides

Dock forms very deep roots

If dock appears in the garden or lawn, you should act immediately. Once the plant has settled in, you have little chance of effectively fighting the weeds.

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The roots reach more than a meter deep into the earth. They form runners from which new plants emerge.

In addition, dock reproduces via seeds. Never allow dock to flower in the garden so that you can control the spread.

  • Do not allow dock to bloom
  • Cut out new rosettes immediately
  • Keep the lawn short
  • Use chemical sprays only in an emergency

Destroy dock by hand

Extracting the roots is more effective than using sprays. That should happen as soon as you spot even a tiny rosette on the ampere.

Use a special dock cutter to cut out. With it you can get deeper into the earth than with an ordinary weed cutter. You must remove the roots as completely as possible, as new dock plants will also sprout from the remains.

Prick out dock in the garden or lawn on a day when the soil is very moist, such as after a rainy day. Then the earth is looser and you can get the roots out of the earth completely without exertion.

The use of chemical pesticides

The expense of chemical control agents to destroy dock is lower than biological control. There are a number of preparations that are suitable for this, such as Roundup, Simplex, Weedex or Dicopur. All products contain toxic substances.

These pesticides must be used exactly as instructed. Some are used in spring, others are applied as sprays in autumn. An application in autumn is not quite as successful, but the lawn can usually be used again in the following spring.

Basically, however, it must be said that chemical-based sprays only work selectively. Most of the ingredients stay on the surface and do not even get to the deep roots. Therefore the chemical control of dock in the garden or lawn should be viewed critically.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions

If you decide to use chemical pesticides to destroy dock, carefully follow the instructions on the packaging.

Improper use can harm you, your children and your pets.


When fighting dock with chemical agents like simplex or roundup, do not collect leaves of the dock to eat. Also, pets must not be left on the lawn to prevent poisoning.