Strelitzie: That's part of the care program!

Strelitzie: That's part of the care program!

What should owners of this plant pay attention to when watering?

The large and often numerous leaves of the parrot flower evaporate a lot of water. Therefore the earth dries up quickly. It is therefore important to water regularly and preferably with stale or lime-poor water - if possible with rainwater. In addition, the water should be warm.

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In the growth phase, which begins from May / June and lasts until September, more watering is required. Then water when you notice that the top layer of soil has dried up! The root ball must never dry out! At the same time, you should make sure that there is no accumulating moisture! Excess water should be able to drain away unhindered. In winter this plant is generally watered less.

Which fertilizers are suitable and at what intervals is fertilization used?

Regular fertilizing of the Strelitzia is extremely important. However, it is important not to overfeed them, which can happen quickly. Over-fertilization leads to failure of the flower.

Keep the following in mind when fertilizing this plant:

  • every 14 days is sufficient
  • fertilize sparingly
  • do not fertilize at all in winter
  • Use complete fertilizer
  • Add liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water
  • Alternatively, fertilizer sticks (1.45 € at Amazon *) can be used

How do you overwinter this plant?

In winter the Strelitzia needs rest to gather strength for its spring flowers. Therefore, place them in a bright but cool room from mid-September. For example, winter gardens and stairwells are suitable for wintering. Room temperatures between 10 and 14 ° C are ideal. Too warm overwintering quarters can lead to blossom failure.

Should the Strelitzia be cut?

You should never cut back the Strelitzia radically! If you are bothered by too many leaves, tear them out with one jerk so that no stump remains. You can also remove old flowers.

When do you repot a Strelitzia?

If the pot is full of roots, the soil is used up, the roots look out of the drainage holes below or out of the soil above, then the time has come to repot. Usually this is advisable every 3 years in the spring after wintering. Be extremely careful when doing this! Otherwise you could injure the delicate roots of this plant.


Check the parrot flower regularly! Especially in winter it is attacked by scale insects every now and then. They usually sit on the underside of the leaf.