Can I sow hollyhocks myself?

Can I sow hollyhocks myself?

Hollyhocks are available in different colors, both in pastel tones such as yellow, pink or salmon, as well as in bright pink, red or almost black. The flowers can be single or double. Hollyhocks look particularly beautiful in groups or in a row on the fence. There, however, they should be protected from tipping over and tied up.

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Where do I get the seeds from?

You can get hollyhock seeds on the Internet, in nurseries or in the supermarket. You may have to search a little for rarer varieties or special colors. You can also collect the seeds from withered hollyhocks, dry them and then sow them the next year. However, you do not know what the flowering of these plants will look like later, because the seeds are not necessarily of the same variety and color.

How do I sow hollyhocks correctly?

Hollyhocks germinate quite reliably, they also like to self-seed. So once you have hollyhocks in your garden and let at least some seed pods dry on the plant, you will always find hollyhocks in various places in your garden.

It is not necessary to prefer these plants in the apartment. Since they have long roots, they should be transplanted from the pots very soon. It is better to sow your hollyhocks directly in the field. Cover the seeds with some soil, because they belong to the dark germs.

You can sow in autumn or keep the collected seeds in the winter in a dark and cool place and then sow in spring. The bed should be as sunny as possible and be rich in nutrients. Thin out plants that have germinated too closely. Before the hollyhocks bloom next year, you can transplant them again.

When will my self-sown hollyhocks bloom?

Hollyhocks are so-called biennial plants. A rosette of leaves forms in the first year. The long stem on which the hollyhock forms numerous large flowers does not grow until the second year. These do not open at the same time but one after the other, first the lower ones, then the flower “migrates” up the stem. By pruning immediately after flowering, you can ensure that your hollyhock will bloom again next year.

The most important sowing tips for hollyhocks:

  • self-sowing
  • The seeds collected are not of a single color and variety
  • Dark germ
  • germinate quite reliably
  • Sowing outdoors is recommended


It is best to sow your hollyhocks directly in the field, they are robust enough and can take root there even as young plants.