Greenhouse cucumber diseases - what to do?

Greenhouse cucumber diseases - what to do?

Causes of cucumber diseases in the greenhouse

The most common causes of diseases in the greenhouse include mistakes in maintenance or a bad climate. So it's better to take precautions right away. Greenhouse cucumbers are protected from diseases by a constant, warm and humid climate in the greenhouse. In practical terms, this means both during the day and on cooler nights:

  • constant air circulation
  • constant humidity
  • Daily opening and nightly closing of the ventilation slots or flaps
  • Floor temperature over 10 degrees

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Effective measures in greenhouse cucumber diseases

In addition to an optimal greenhouse climate and proper cucumber care, resilient cucumber varieties or refined cucumbers are the safest protection against typical greenhouse cucumber diseases such as:

  • Cucumber wilt
  • Verticillium wilt
  • Leaf spot disease
  • Powdery mildew and downy mildew

Wilt and leaf spot disease are infected by infected moisture droplets or soil particles that are deposited on leaves and fruits. This can happen due to high humidity or when watering and watering. Leaves and fruits turn yellow and wither. The infected greenhouse cucumbers must be removed. Powdery mildew and downy mildew and gray mold are also typical fungal diseases in cucumber plants. Effective, preventive measures:

  • airy location without drafts
  • ideal soil condition and germ-free soil
  • sufficient plant spacing
  • no waterlogging
  • resistant varieties such as fablo or foothill grapes
  • Sprayings with skimmed milk and field horsetail tea

In addition, regular doses of nettle, field and horsetail liquid manure are recommended. Or spraying field and horsetail tea increases the resistance of the cucumber plants. Infested plants have to be removed and the soil completely replaced without chemical measures.

The four most common greenhouse cucumber pests

Greenhouse cucumber plants do not remain pest-free despite all-round protection. Too much moisture, densely packed plants, too little ventilation or incorrect care often encourage pest infestation. If you discover these pests under glass, immediate action is required:

  • Aphids
  • white fly
  • Thrips
  • Spider mites

Effective countermeasures in the case of low infestation in the greenhouse: Beneficial insects such as ladybirds, lacewings, parasitic wasps (€ 14.59 on Amazon *) and yellow tablets help with aphids, white flies and thrips. Spider mites are the favorite food of predatory mites.

Tips & Tricks

Whether free-range cucumbers or greenhouse cucumbers - both swallow a lot of irrigation water. Pay attention to the right mediocrity. Because drought makes you susceptible to powdery mildew and too moist soil to downy mildew.