Plant your dream magnolia properly

Plant your dream magnolia properly

Which location is ideal?

The optimal location depends on the specific type and variety of the selected magnolia. Some varieties need a sunny to full sun, while others prefer a more partially shaded to shady location. However, you should be careful not to choose a place in full sun for the sun-requiring species. Magnolias in these locations usually bloom too early, so that the flowers freeze to death when late frosts set in. In addition, the location should be protected from the wind.

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How much space do magnolias need?

Magnolias need a lot of space, for a solitary you should - depending on the species - plan about four to eight meters in diameter that should not be planted by other trees or bushes. You can plan accordingly less space for shrubs. Ground cover or other early bloomers such as B. Märzenbecher, on the other hand, can be planted under the magnolia tree without any worries.

In what soil can a magnolia tree be planted?

Most magnolia species need a nutrient-rich, humus-rich, slightly acidic soil. Soil that is too sandy can be enriched with humus soil and peat. Rhododendron soil, for example, is very suitable (e.g. for potted plants).

When is the best time to plant magnolias?

The best time to plant a magnolia is in autumn, after the deciduous trees have already lost their leaves. However, you can still plant the magnolia tree in spring (but at the latest in April!).

Can a magnolia bush be raised to be a tree?

Yes, in principle you can raise a magnolia bush to become a tree. However, the prerequisite is that the shrub has a strong main branch.

When does a magnolia bloom?

The flowering time depends on the type of magnolia. Most of the species are early bloomers and show their splendor between March and April / May. An exception is the summer magnolia, which usually blooms between May and June.

How is the magnolia planted?

To plant the magnolia, first dig a planting hole that is at least twice as wide and deep as the root of the plant. Put the plant in there - be careful, not too deep! - and fill the hole with a mixture of humus soil and peat. Pour well and then mulch.

Can you transplant magnolias?

Yes, the best time to transplant is in autumn.

How is the magnolia propagated?

Magnolias are best propagated with seedlings, sinkers or mosses.

Can I grow magnolias from seeds?

In principle, the ripe seeds of the magnolia can be grown, but they must first be exposed to frost for at least three to four months. After all, the magnolia is a cold germ. However, the germination rate is very poor even after stratification, which is why vegetative propagation is recommended.

Can I keep a magnolia tree in a bucket?

Yes, you can keep some types of magnolia in a sufficiently large tub. The star magnolia or the more shrubby growing species are very suitable for this.

Tips & Tricks

Don't lose your patience: young magnolias in particular may need several years before they bloom for the first time.


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