Make a privacy screen for the balcony yourself

Make a privacy screen for the balcony yourself

Privacy screens made of wood

In the garden, wooden privacy screens are often used. These wooden walls made of thin wooden slats, which are available in the hardware store, are much too bulky for most balconies. A privacy screen made of wood can also be made very quickly yourself in the desired format and painted in the desired color. The wooden privacy screen can then be pasted on the inside with decorative elements such as seashells from your last vacation or small artificial flowers. You are particularly in trend with a privacy screen made of used wooden pallets, which you can quickly process into a visually particularly interesting privacy screen with a little manual skill. Screen walls made of pallets also have the advantage on a balconythat a vertical city garden with hanging strawberries and other plants can be easily integrated into the existing forms of the erected pallet.

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Make your own privacy screen out of awning fabric

Old awnings are regularly disposed of with the original awning material at scrapyards and recycling centers. If this fabric is separated from the metal frame with a sharp carpet knife, it can usually be machine washed without any problems and often looks like new without the characteristic algae growth. This type of privacy screen is particularly interesting for balconies that do not have a continuous, opaque balcony parapet, but only glazing or bars on the front. Simply lay the colorful strip of awning fabric along the glazing or the bars and secure it with eyelets and cable ties available in hardware stores. Should this prove difficult due to the lack of fastening options,Two screwed wooden strips can also be pushed over the balcony railing and awning fabric like an old-fashioned clothes peg to fix the fabric in its position.

Provide privacy with nets and trellises

Trellis made of wood, plastic or metal can be suitable support structures for a natural privacy screen made of climbing plants with a correspondingly secure anchoring on the balcony material or in the balcony box. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to the choice of plants, although annual or annually new climbing plants that sprout from the rhizome are generally more suitable for a balcony than vigorous kiwi plants and trumpet flowers. So rather rely on one of the following climbing plants:

  • Clematis (but only thrives on a rather shady balcony)
  • hop
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Climbing nasturtiums (edible)
  • Morning glories

Privacy mats made from willow rods, reeds and bamboo canes


Privacy mats made of willow rods, reeds and bamboo canes can be purchased at relatively low prices in almost every hardware store and can be easily cut to the required length and height. With their natural look, they can represent an aesthetic alternative to awning fabrics and lacquered wooden walls.