The most beautiful summer lilac varieties

The most beautiful summer lilac varieties

The most beautiful varieties of Buddleja davidii

Buddleja davidii is a very vigorous summer lilac, which under appropriate conditions and depending on the variety grows between 30 and 150 centimeters per year. Its numerous varieties include flower colors in white, violet, lilac blue, light blue or pink. The strongly scented flowers are arranged on up to 30 centimeters long, upright or sloping, multi-flowered panicles, depending on the variety. These develop on the ends of the branches from July to September.

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varietyFlower colorStatureWidthSpecialty
'African Queen'purple to violet blue200 - 300 cm150 - 200 cmvery slender panicles
'Black Knight'purple to dark purple200 - 300 cm150 - 300 cmfloriferous
'Dart's Ornamental White'White200 - 300 cm150 - 200 cmvery rich blooming
'Empire Blue'light blue-violet200 - 300 cm150 - 200 cmearly onset of flowering
'Fascinating'lilac pink200 - 300 cm150 - 200 cmparticularly beautiful flower color
'Ile de France'blue-violet200 - 250 cm150 - 200 cmparticularly dark flower color
Nanho Blueviolet blue150 - 200 cm100 - 150 cmbecomes only approx. 150 cm high
Nanho Purplepurple150 - 200 cm100 - 150 cmbecomes only about 120 cm high
'Niobe'purple violet200 - 300 cm125 - 175 cmparticularly long flowering period
Purple Emperordark purple100 - 150 cm100 - 150 cmlong and narrow panicles
'Pink Delight'silvery pink200 - 250 cm150 - 200 cmbeautiful flower color
'Royal Red'purple200 - 300 cm150 - 200 cmlate but long flowering
'Summer Beauty'purple violet200 - 250 cm150 - 200 cmlow and compact growth
'White Bouquet'pure white200 - 300 cm150 - 200 cmsquat panicles
'White Profusion'pure white200 - 300 cm150 - 200 cmlong and strong panicles

Robust and easy to care for: Chinese Buddleia (Buddleja alternifolia)

The Chinese or alternate summer lilac is a very vigorous, up to four meters high and just as wide species. The shrub develops long, thin, widely spread and overhanging branches and is best shown on wall crowns and in large planters. In June / July there are lilac-purple, tartly fragrant flowers in numerous, four to five centimeters wide clusters along the entire length of the previous year's branches. The Chinese buddleia can be combined well with roses or other small shrubs that bloom in summer, such as beard flowers (Caryopteris), blue rute or silver bush (Perovskia) or finger bush (Potentilla). It prefers a sunny and dry location.


Buddleia prefers a rather dry and well-drained soil, but can withstand a good shovel of ripe compost when planting.