How to cut back torch lilies properly

How to cut back torch lilies properly

Cut the torch lily correctly

In autumn the time has come for the gardener to cut back all the perennials in the perennial bed and prepare them for winter.

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Torch lilies are an exception here. You should never cut them back in the fall, but leave the evergreen leaves on the plant through the winter and tie them together over the heart of the plant.

  • Cut back in spring
  • Do not prune back in autumn
  • Cut leaves above the ground
  • Only cut off faded flowers immediately

How to do the pruning correctly.

In spring, use scissors to cut back the torch lily. Cut the leaves from the previous year a hand's breadth above the ground.

Make sure that you do not damage any new shoots or inflorescences that have already appeared when you cut back.

Take the opportunity to provide the perennial with some ripe compost after pruning.

Cut off dead flowers immediately

During the flowering period, you should always cut off bloomed inflorescences immediately. You are only allowed to leave the flowers if you want to collect seeds in order to propagate the torch lily yourself.

Use the secateurs to cut the stems as deep as possible.

By cutting the faded flowers, you prevent the seeds in them from ripening. The ripening of the seeds robs the torch lily of a lot of strength, so that it will no longer bloom so beautifully in the next year.

When the torch lily makes a lot of leaves

Torch lilies tend to have a lot of foliage. However, you shouldn't cut the leaves to avoid damaging the plant.

If the perennial develops a lot of leaves, it is usually a sign that the soil contains too much nitrogen. This is often the reason why the torch lily blooms little or not at all.

Tips & Tricks

The long, slender torch lilies are also very good cut flowers in floor vases. With other summer flowers, they can be put together to make colorful bouquets. The flowers are very popular with florists because of their long shelf life in the vase.