This is how the pre-germination of beans works

This is how the pre-germination of beans works

Advantages of pre-germination

  • Growth advantage through the use of consistently warm temperatures
  • young plants are less susceptible to eating snails


Soaking in water is recommended, especially if the bean seeds have a hard shell. You can do that overnight.

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Growing vessels

To pre-germinate beans, it doesn't necessarily have to be the seed box. Pre-germination in flower pots or on a layer of cotton or kitchen paper is just as successful. You may be familiar with the latter method in particular from your biology class or from experiments in day-care centers.

Pre-germinate in the flower pot

You set up small flower pots that you fill with simple soil. Once you have moistened the soil, you put the bean seeds in the soil. The whole thing is covered with cling film or a transparent plastic bag, under which a humid climate - ideal for germination - is created.

Pre-germinate on cotton wool and kitchen paper

For this variant, lay out a flat vessel with a layer of damp cotton or several layers of damp kitchen paper. The beans are then laid out side by side. Here, too, you ensure a humid climate by covering it with foil or a bag.

This method is ideal for gardening with children. If the side walls of the container are also transparent, the germination of the beans can be observed closely.

The best place

Two important prerequisites for pre-germination are still missing: warmth and light. You take advantage of both by placing your growing containers on the windowsill.

The little offspring

The first tender shoots appear after about a week. The seedlings now need about 2 weeks to grow.

It is important that the substrate does not dry out and that the climate is sufficiently humid. Once the first leaves have unfolded, the young plant can be carefully removed with your fingertips.

Time to plant out

Even if the young bean seedlings now have a head start in growth, they should only be planted out after the ice saints. Only then is the soil permanently warm enough for the beans to grow.

Tips & Tricks

Fire beans do not have to be preferred. They are less sensitive to cold and are sown directly in the ground.