Cost of cutting a thuja hedge

Cost of cutting a thuja hedge

Amount of the cost of cutting the thuja hedge

  • Height and length of the arborvitae hedge
  • Working time in hours
  • alternatively costs per running meter of hedge
  • Directions
  • Removal of the clippings

The cost of cutting the thuja hedge depends on how long it is and what exactly is to be cut. In addition, the costs for removing the clippings are calculated.

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You can agree an hourly wage with the gardener or the payment of a flat rate per running meter. Which variation is cheaper can only be decided on a case-by-case basis. To be on the safe side, get several estimates.

When making your calculations, also bear in mind that the specialist company not only has the necessary specialist knowledge, but also has professional equipment. You would either have to buy these yourself or rent them for a while.

Cost per meter of thuja hedge

If you only want to cut the hedge slightly, you have to pay up to 6.00 euros per meter. If you cut back heavily or use a stick, you will be charged between 20.00 and 30.00 euros per meter.

Cost per hour worked

A horticultural company charges between 35.00 and 50.00 euros per hour worked, depending on the region. There are also the costs for the journey.

It gets more expensive if you want to cut the tree of life into special shapes, for example a ball or a spiral. Here it is worthwhile to agree a flat rate with the specialist.

Removal of the cuttings

A lot of shrubbery arises that have to be disposed of, especially when a strong hedge is cut. The gardening company also takes on this task. He usually charges an additional fee for this, which is based on cubic meters.

Up to 50 euros can be incurred per cubic meter of the tree of life.


A strong pruning of the thuja hedge may only be carried out from October to February so that breeding birds are not disturbed. A good specialist company is informed about these regulations and can advise you if the work can be carried out at the desired time.