Aphids on strawberries on the balcony - what to do

Aphids on strawberries on the balcony - what to do

Just shower off aphids - this is how you do it right

If aphids attack balcony strawberries, chemical pesticides are taboo. Insecticides kill the pests. The carefree fruit enjoyment also falls by the wayside. In any case, reaching for the chemical club is superfluous, because a powerful jet of water ends the plague in no time. This is how it works:

  • Cover the substrate of the box or tub with foil in advance
  • Rinse strawberry plants from above with as strong a water jet as possible
  • Pour lime-free water into a spray bottle to shower off the underside of the leaves

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The foil cover not only protects the substrate from an excess of water. In addition, falling aphids are caught and can be disposed of with the household waste together with the film. Important: Experience has shown that a single shower is not enough to remove all aphids. Therefore, repeat the control measure until you no longer discover any lice on the strawberry plants.

Soapy water helps against aphids before the bloom and fruit set

Home gardeners swear by soapy water against aphids on ornamental and useful plants. In the fight against pests on strawberry plants, the agent is only recommended before the start of flowering and fruit set. Nobody likes to eat soap-flavored strawberries. How to use the classic pesticide properly:

  • Dissolve 50 grams of pure soft soap in 1 liter of water
  • Add 1 teaspoon of alcohol and stir
  • Pour soapy water into a hand sprayer
  • Spray infested strawberry plants repeatedly dripping wet before the start of flowering

Aphids like to hide on the underside of the leaves of strawberry plants. Apply the product particularly thoroughly in these areas. As with all home remedies, a single application is not enough. Please repeat the soap cure every 2 to 3 days until you can no longer see any lice with the magnifying glass.


When planting strawberries and vegetables on the balcony, put marigold flowers between the plants. Not only does it look nice, it also helps prevent aphid infestation. Experience has shown that a mixed culture with marigolds keeps cunning aphids at bay.