How is the vanilla flower properly cared for?

How is the vanilla flower properly cared for?

Sufficient watering

The vanilla flower evaporates a lot of moisture through the leaf surface and the large flower umbels. That is why it is important to regularly supply the flowering plant with water, because heliotrope does not tolerate drought well. On hot days it may be necessary to water twice a day. You can recognize a lack of water by the limp leaves. However, you should absolutely avoid waterlogging, as this quickly leads to root rot. Excess liquid in the coaster should be tipped away after a short time.

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Do you need to cut back?

In general, no pruning is necessary during the growing season. On the other hand, you should regularly remove what has faded to stimulate the formation of new flowers.

When and how do you repot?

Unless you have planted the vanilla flower too closely, the planting distance must not be less than twenty centimeters, repotting is not necessary in the summer season. Although heliotrope is usually cultivated annually in our part of the world, it is possible to overwinter in the house. If there is a risk of frost in autumn, bedding plants are placed in pots with conventional potting soil and brought into the house.

Hibernate the vanilla flower

The solstice is very sensitive to frost. Bring specimens that you want to overwinter into the house before the first night frosts. A bright room, in which temperatures do not drop below five degrees even at night, is ideal. During the winter, the plant sheds part of the foliage. This is normal and not a cause for concern.

Diseases and pests

The vanilla flower is very robust. Plant diseases usually only occur when there are mistakes in care or when the solstice does not feel comfortable in its place.

Occasionally, heliotrope is infested with aphids or spider mites. Common household remedies such as rinsing with a sharp jet or soap solution, natural predators and, in extreme cases, chemical sprays can quickly remedy the situation.


The blossoms of the vanilla flower rotate with the sun, which is what gave the attractive plant its German name, Solstice. But be careful if you want to show this natural phenomenon to children: Heliotrope is a poisonous plant.

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