How is the snapdragon overwintered

How is the snapdragon overwintered

Snapdragons overwinter in the garden

How well the perennial survives the frost depends primarily on which variety you have planted. This is noted on the plant label or the seed bag. If your cultivated snapdragon is an F1 hybrid, you can assume the following characteristics:

  • These plants were bred solely for vigorous growth and numerous bloom formation.
  • They usually only survive in the garden for a year and then unfortunately die.
  • They are often sterile and do not form seeds. If so, the traits of the offspring are similar to those of the grandparents.

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These plants do not hibernate well. They are dug up in autumn and replaced with freshly purchased or self-grown young plants.

Hibernate the real snapdragon

The snapdragon is actually a perennial, hardy perennial. These snapdragons were raised from genetically unmodified seeds.

  • In autumn there is no pruning because the leaves offer natural protection against the cold.
  • Give these snapdragons a light winter protection made of mulch, (213.00 € at Amazon *) leaves and brushwood.
  • Only in April is the perennial shortened to a length of two hands above the ground.

The seeds of these snapdragons can also tolerate low temperatures. Often they germinate in summer and ensure natural rejuvenation of the stand.


“Real” snapdragons produce germinable seeds that you can harvest in autumn and use for breeding.