Bellis care in beds and flower boxes - how to do it right?

Bellis care in beds and flower boxes - how to do it right?

Pouring Bellis - is it necessary?

So that Bellis show themselves from their most beautiful side, they must not dry out. If the sky keeps its rain clouds under lock and key in summer, please water the plants regularly. Check the daisies in the pot and box every 2 to 3 days with a finger test in order to water if the substrate has dried on. Bellis' pronounced lime tolerance suggests that normal tap water is perfect for the water supply.

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How is the nutrient supply designed?

Fertilizing is not part of the Bellis care program. On the contrary, a supplementary supply of nutrients reduces the degree of winter hardiness. An excess of nitrogen causes the growth of soft shoots and leaves that have nothing to oppose winter frost.

Thousands of beauty in pots and balcony boxes will find a sufficient supply of nutrients for the entire season in pre-fertilized potting soil. If pale colors on the leaves and flowers indicate a deficiency, add a liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water every 2 weeks.

Are daisies hardy?

Depending on the location and growth, Bellis have different levels of frost tolerance. The following overview explains when winter protection is advisable and under which conditions protective measures are not necessary:

  • Direct sowing of the pure Bellis perennis species: no winter protection required
  • Cultivation by sowing on the window sill: 10-day hardening before planting in the bed
  • Acquisition of preferred noble varieties: 10-day hardening and planting in May

If you cultivate daisies in pots or balcony boxes, we recommend a light protection against the cold until after the ice saints. Cover the vessels with fleece or foil so that the root balls do not freeze through.


If you brush out Bellis regularly, the effort will be rewarded with a never-ending flowering period. If daisies shine in the lawn, the lawnmower takes care of the pruning. As a flowering carpet in the bed, cut the withered flowers in July / August with scissors to attract a second flowering.

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