Planting the south-facing balcony: a selection of plants for sunny balconies

Planting the south-facing balcony: a selection of plants for sunny balconies

The best plants for the south-facing balcony

Mediterranean plants in particular are in their element on the south-facing balcony. Oleander, bougainvillea, citrus plants and hibiscus thrive here. The less exotic, sun-loving balcony plants include geraniums and petunias.

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German nameBotanical nameHeydayFlower colorparticularities
Blue fan flowerScaevola aemulaEarly summer to frostviolet
Blue daisiesBrachyscome iberidifoliaMay until OctoberBluish
Brazilian guavaAcca sellowianaMay JunePink-white with red stampsEdible petals and fruits
dahliaDahliaJuly to NovemberPink, red, orange and others
DipladeniaMandevillaRed, pink, white and othersFrom May to autumn
Elven spurDiasciaWhite, pink, purpleMay to November
geraniumPelargoniumPink, white, purple, red and othersMay until October
Hammer bushCestrumWhite, orange, pink, red, purple and othersJune to November
Hussar buttonSanvitalia procumbensyellowJune to October
jasmineJasmineWhiteJune to SeptemberSmells beguiling
Cape basketOsteospermumAll imaginable colors, also multicoloredMay until October
FinialPolygalaViolet to bluishMarch to April
Liver balmAgeratum houstonianumBluish, pink, purpleMay to SeptemberToxic
Passion flowerPassifloraWhite with blue stampsMay to SeptemberPassiflora edulis develops passion fruit
petuniaPetuniaOften pink, purple, but also other colors availableMay to November
Purslane floretsPortulaca grandifloraMany different colorsJune to August
African LilyAgapanthus Bluish, whiteJuly to August
Shrub margueriteArgyranthemum frutescensWhite, pinkMay until October
Vanilla flowerHeliotropium arborescensvioletJune to autumnToxic, smells beguiling, needs a lot of water
Convertible roseLantana camaraMostly yellow, orange, red but also white availableMay until OctoberToxic
Verbena (verbena)VerbenaViolet to bluishMay until OctoberMedicinal plant
Magic bellsCalibrachoaMany different colorsMay until OctoberNeeds a lot of water
zinniaZinnia elegansMany different colorsJuly to October

Herbs for the south-facing balcony

Not only sun-hungry ornamental plants thrive on the south-facing balcony, some herbs also appreciate a lot of sun. Including, of course, first and foremost those from the Mediterranean region such as:

  • rosemary
  • lavender
  • Olives
  • sage
  • thyme

Properly care for plants on the south-facing balcony

In order for the plants to thrive on the south-facing balcony, they must be properly cared for:

  • Water them every day during the hot season, maybe twice a day
  • Never water at noon, but rather early and in the evening
  • Fertilize nutrient-loving plants in spring
  • If possible, provide some shade at lunchtime, for example with parasols or climbing plants

Create shade, of course

To be able to grow a wider variety of plants on your balcony, create some shade with climbing plants! Thanks to the light tendrils you still have enough light for you and your plants, but at the same time provide privacy. Plant annual or perennial sun-loving climbing plants such as

  • Ray pen
  • Wisteria
  • Clematis
  • Climbing roses

Regardless of which climbing plant you choose, give it a stable climbing aid, which you stretch especially on the upper side on the main sunny side (south) in order to weaken the midday sun.