Growing geraniums from seeds yourself - Here's how to do it

Growing geraniums from seeds yourself - Here's how to do it

Sow geranium seeds

To ensure that your geraniums continue to bloom this summer, you should sow them very early in the year - at best in January, but no later than early February. Use nutrient-poor and germ-free cultivation soil for cultivation.

  • Sow the geranium seeds in planters with potting soil.
  • Alternatively, you can also put individual seeds in small growing pots,
  • then you save yourself the later pricking out.
  • Geraniums are light germs, so only thinly sieve the substrate over the granules.
  • Put the planters in an indoor greenhouse
  • or cover them with clear film.
  • The seeds germinate best at temperatures between 20 and 22 ° C.
  • So put the vessels in a bright and warm place.

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Geranium seeds usually germinate within 10 to 20 days.

Properly care for seedlings

Once the seeds have accrued, ventilate them regularly or the seedlings will start to rot. First just open the ventilation slots, then after a few days also remove the lid of the planter - initially for an hour a day, later longer. In addition, you should now place the seedlings in a cooler place, otherwise they will start to spoil. Then they only develop long and weak shoots, which later do not bear any flowers. Temperatures around 15 ° C are ideal - so do not necessarily place them on the windowsill above the heater.

  • You can prick the young geraniums as soon as they have four leaves.
  • Now you can transplant them into a larger pot of nutrient-rich compost soil.
  • The tip of the shoot breaks off as soon as the young plant is about 20 centimeters high.
  • This stimulates branching and ensures that the geranium develops many shoots.
  • With the fertilization you can - carefully! - Start about four to six weeks after germination.
  • Make sure to keep the seedlings and young plants slightly moist
  • Spraying is always better than watering.


Harden the young plants before you finally put them outdoors. To do this, you should put the geraniums out as soon as it is warm and sunny enough and no more frosts are to be expected - but initially only by the hour. Extend these times from day to day until the plants finally stay outside overnight.