How to harvest celeriac!

How to harvest celeriac!

The right harvest time

There is no specific point in time at which the celeriac has to be harvested. It can be harvested over a longer period of time. In principle, harvesting is possible from August if it was sown in good time. But it is better to harvest it between the end of October and the beginning of November.

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The longer the tubers are allowed to stay in the ground, the larger they become. But before the first big frost period they should be freed from the ground. If the tubers are exposed to temperatures below -4 ° C, they will be damaged. Their taste suffers from others.

How to proceed

It is ideal to remove the tubers from the ground when there is drought. In contrast to celeriac, the plants are not cut off on the surface, but their tubers are harvested underground.

A digging fork can serve as an aid. With it you prick under the tubers. Now push the tubers out of the ground and to the surface. Be careful not to damage the tubers. With a bit of luck, you can look forward to a yield of between 2.5 and 3 kg celeriac per square meter.

Immediately after the harvest ...

... the sources of error do not suddenly disappear. Please note the following:

  • shorten the roots with a knife
  • remove the coarse leaves (removes moisture and can then be used as soup greens)
  • leave the heart leaves on the tubers
  • store the tubers correctly z. B. in sand in the basement or alternatively process immediately

Tips & Tricks

The celeriac can be stored for a few months. To do this, it is advisable not to wash it, but to let the earth stick to it. This will reduce the risk of rot.