Can I keep the papyrus as a houseplant?

Can I keep the papyrus as a houseplant?

Which papyrus is suitable as a houseplant?

In addition to real papyrus, Cyprus grass is also often sold as what is known as “fake papyrus”. This is just as suitable as a houseplant. However, false papyrus needs slightly different conditions for good growth. It tolerates slightly cooler temperatures, from around 10 ° C. However, some species do not tolerate waterlogging.

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The ideal climate for papyrus

Papyrus likes it moist, after all, it is a swamp plant. This applies to both the ground and the air. If your papyrus is in a well-heated living room, then the air there is probably too dry for this plant. Especially the dry heating air in winter is not particularly good for the papyrus. In contrast, it feels very much at home in a bright bathroom or in the kitchen.

How to look after your papyrus in the room

The papyrus reacts easily to drought with yellow leaves. You can prevent this by spraying the plant from time to time with lukewarm water that is low in lime. Alternatively, you can place a vessel filled with water on the heater to increase the humidity. If the leaves have already changed their color, you should react quickly, then the papyrus plant will also recover.

Papyrus should be watered regularly so that the root ball does not dry out. Papyrus needs a lot of nutrients as it grows and also when it flowers. Give him some liquid fertilizer about every three to four weeks. If necessary, papyrus can also be reproduced relatively easily. This can be done either by dividing a large plant or by cuttings.

The essentials in brief:

  • choose a bright and warm location
  • ensure sufficient humidity
  • water regularly
  • fertilize during the growth and flowering phase
  • yellow leaves are signs of excessive drought
  • easy to multiply by division


Your papyrus plant will feel particularly comfortable in a bright room with high humidity. Naturally, bathrooms or kitchens are therefore ideal locations.

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