Rose Leonardo da Vinci: the right care for the magnificent floribunda rose

Rose Leonardo da Vinci: the right care for the magnificent floribunda rose

Which location does the bed rose Leonardo da Vinci prefer?

Leonardo da Vinci prefers to stand in a sunny and airy location, but is also very shade-tolerant.

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In which substrate should the rose Leonardo da Vinci be placed?

The ideal substrate is loose, permeable and nutrient-rich with a high proportion of humus.

Which other plants does Leonardo da Vinci get along particularly well with?

Leonardo da Vinci is very sociable and can be socialized very well with other shrubs or perennials. A minimum distance of 30 centimeters should be maintained.

Can the Leonardo da Vinci floribunda also be cultivated in a tub?

You can cultivate the Leonardo da Vinci, which grows up to one meter high, in sufficiently large and deep tubs. Since roses are deep-rooted, the planters should be at least 40 centimeters deep.

How often should you water the rose Leonardo da Vinci?

Like all roses, Leonardo da Vinci also needs a slightly damp soil, but does not tolerate waterlogging.

When and how often should the bed rose Leonardo da Vinci be fertilized?

Fertilize Leonardo da Vinci with an organic rose fertilizer between March and July. (€ 11.41 at Amazon *)

Can you cut the Leonardo da Vinci rose?

Any that has faded is cut away immediately so that the plant is stimulated to form new flowers. The actual pruning takes place in early spring, when mainly dead, weak and old shoots are removed.

Which diseases or pests should one pay particular attention to with the Rose Leonardo da Vinci?

As an ADR rose, Leonardo da Vinci is one of the particularly robust varieties. However, this variety is quite susceptible to powdery mildew and star soot.

Is the Leonardo da Vinci shrub rose hardy?

As a rule, the Leonardo da Vinci rose does not need winter protection because it is very frost-hardy. Still, piling it up can't hurt.


Since the Rose Leonardo da Vinci is a trademarked variety, you are not allowed to propagate it on your own for copyright reasons.