What helps against yellow leaves in the cherry laurel?

What helps against yellow leaves in the cherry laurel?

Wrong location or poor soil conditions

First of all, you should take a close look at the location of the cherry laurel. Even if the wood is relatively undemanding, it prefers a sunny to partially shaded garden area and well-drained, humus rich soil. The wood often reacts to all-day shading by turning the leaves yellow, as photosynthesis takes place more slowly under these conditions.

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Heavily compacted and depleted soils mean that the cherry laurel can no longer absorb enough nutrients and the leaves turn yellow. You can remedy this as follows:

  • Loosen the earth around the bushes with a digging fork.
  • Work coarse-grained sand into the soil.
  • Fertilize the cherry laurel with ripe compost, horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) or another suitable agent.

Sunburn on the leaves

Too much sun also leads to yellow leaf changes. Perhaps you felled a tree that had previously shaded the cherry laurel or the cherry laurel grew in the shade before the new planting. As a result, the shrub was less exposed to UV radiation and is now sensitive to the sun. Give the plant some time to adjust to the changed conditions. After a few weeks of adaptation, the yellow leaves will disappear on their own.

Waterlogging or lack of irrigation

Evergreen shrubs such as cherry laurel are very sensitive to prolonged periods of dry or rainy weather. Loosen up the soil if the cherry laurel suffers from waterlogging and provide the plant with sufficient water during longer periods of dryness. Cherry laurel must also be watered on frost-free days in winter, as the wood evaporates a lot of moisture from the leaf surface.

Tips & Tricks

Freshly moved or placed plants often react to the change of location with yellow leaves. Give the cherry laurel a few weeks to get used to it. The yellow color of the leaves usually disappears by itself.