Are there blue orchids?

Are there blue orchids?

Blue phalaenopsis were on the paint drip

An azure blue orchid on the store shelf is mostly the result of intensive pre-treatment. A Dutch breeder managed the stroke of genius to turn white Phalaenopsis orchids into a blue wonder of flowers. Since the resourceful gardener had the technology patented, the exact procedure remains his secret for the time being.

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The public has been informed that the butterfly orchid is connected to a drip via an infusion needle, through which the blue color gets into its ducts. Of course, the blue magic only lasts a heyday. If the Phalaenopsis sheds the colored flowers, the next buds unfold in innocent white.

Vanda Royal Blue - Blue flowers with white flecks

Various hybrids have emerged from the demanding Vanda coerulea, which - without any color drip - produce blue flowers. Anyone who is willing to accept small white speckles in a deep blue can look forward to the blaze of color at any time of bloom. Of course, the standard of care for a Vanda orchid is somewhat higher than for a frugal Phalaenopsis orchid. You can only make the blue Vanda bloom under the following conditions:

  • In a continuously bright location, without blazing sun at noon and early afternoon
  • Warm temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees in winter and 25 to 30 degrees in summer
  • High humidity of ideal 80 percent, at least 60 percent

Since a Vanda thrives without a substrate, it is mainly cultivated hanging freely or in a lattice basket. To ensure the supply of moisture, soak the aerial roots in soft, room-temperature water for 30 minutes every few days. In the summer, add a liquid orchid fertilizer to the diving water every 2 weeks.


The news reached us from Japan that the first real blue butterfly orchid had been successfully grown there. Thanks to intensive genetic manipulation, the hybrid produces blue flowers with a diameter of up to 5 cm on 30 cm long flower stalks. However, it will be several years before we can buy this orchid in the garden center.