Euphorbia in winter - overwinter the magic snow?

Euphorbia in winter - overwinter the magic snow?

The magic snow doesn't appreciate real snow at all

Since the Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' is not at all hardy at sub-zero temperatures, it is usually sold as an annual balcony plant in specialist shops. Specimens that are brought into winter quarters too late can show damage and become muddy even after light night frosts. If the magic snow is to be brought through the winter really successfully, the temperatures must usually be at least 8 degrees Celsius or even warmer.

Proper care in winter

The optimal winter quarters for the magic snow should:

  • Provide protection from drafts
  • not be too dark
  • be accessible for regular watering
  • continuously offer temperatures of at least 8 degrees Celsius or warmer

In summer, the magic snow copes well with direct sunlight, but in winter quarters it should be more indirect light despite sufficient brightness. Direct sunlight can otherwise be harmful due to the associated temperature fluctuations.


Spider mites can occasionally be infested with magic snow in winter quarters. Specimens infected with botrytis (a type of mold) must be disposed of immediately so that the fungal disease cannot spread to other plants.