Bornholm marguerite - how to cultivate it for several years

Bornholm marguerite - how to cultivate it for several years

An annual crop

The Bornholm marguerite grows into a small perennial within a few weeks. Those who sow them in March can admire the flowers in May. After the flowering period, the plant goes to rest. As soon as the first severe frost approaches, it freezes to death. It is therefore to be regarded as annual.

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Cultivation for several years is possible

It is the frost that is bad for this plant. Without it, many varieties of Bornholm marguerite would be perennial. Within a few years the plant can develop into a nice large bush. Over the years, it gets more branches and can develop a higher number of flowers as a result.

Extremely sensitive to frost

  • 5 ° C is the minimum. The thermometer display must not drop further. The Bornholm marguerite is therefore considered to be sensitive to frost. At most, in very mild locations and with a good layer of leaves and brushwood, it could survive the winter outside. Otherwise there is no point in wintering outside.

Origin in Africa

The reason for the poor winter hardiness is their origin in Africa. There the Bornholm marguerite, a dwarf shrub, is never exposed to frost. Therefore, it could not adapt to the frost that prevails in this country every winter.

How to overwinter the Bornholm marguerite

Have you decided on winter storage? Then you should know the following points:

  • Dig up bedding plants and place in a pot
  • it is best to cut back beforehand
  • Place in a bright, 5 to 15 ° C air-conditioned room indoors
  • pour little
  • do not fertilize
  • Ventilate the room regularly

Potted plants from the balcony or terrace should also be put in. It should be done in mid-October. If the Bornholm marguerite has survived the winter well cared for, it can slowly get used to direct sunlight again from April.


If you can't find a suitable place to overwinter, you don't need to worry. The Bornholm marguerite can easily be sown again in spring or bought cheaply as a young plant.