Magnolias often reach a considerable height

Magnolias often reach a considerable height

Select the magnolia variety according to space requirements

Magnolias come in very different sizes; From small, shrub-like dwarf magnolias to trees more than 20 meters high, every imaginable height is included. The actual altitude, however, depends on various factors, as genetic predispositions cannot develop in the same way under all climatic conditions. The same variety is significantly higher in regions with a mild climate than under local conditions. However, all magnolias grow in width as they grow in height, ie you have to plan several meters of space in the garden for a stately growing tree.

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Better not cut magnolias

Many a gardener with a small garden may try to trim his magnolia tree to a suitable size. These magnolias will always try to reach their genetically programmed size in every possible way. They develop extremely bizarre growth forms with lots of so-called “water veins” that sprout like mushrooms from all interfaces. Save yourself and your tree this unpleasant experience and prefer to fall back on a small-stature variety.

For many new breeds there is no experience yet

Regarding the numerous new breeds that have appeared on the market in recent years, it is unfortunately not yet possible to make reliable statements about their expected size. However, its height can be roughly estimated by taking the sizes of the parent magnolia as a starting point.

Different types of magnolia and their growth sizes

In the following table you can compare the different heights of the different magnolia varieties and their winter hardiness.

Magnolia varietyLatin nameStatureFlower colorWinter hardiness
Cucumber MagnoliaMagnolia acuminataup to 20 metersyellow-green to yellowfrost-proof
Cucumber MagnoliaMagnolia cordataup to 20 metersyellowfrost-proof
Yulan magnoliaMagnolia denudataup to 2 metersyellowwinterproof
Evergreen magnoliaMagnolia grandifloraup to 10 metersdifferent colorsNo
Kobushi magnoliaMagnolia kobusup to 10 meters / up to 5 meters wideWhitehardy
Purple magnoliaMagnolia liliifloraup to approx. 4 metersmulticolored / different colorswinterproof
Big star magnoliaMagnolia loebneriup to approx. 3 meterswhite or pinkwinterproof
Summer magnoliaMagnolia Sieboldiiup to approx. 4 metersWhitehardy
Tulip magnoliaMagnolia soulangianaup to approx. 6 metersdifferent colorsfrost-proof
Star magnoliaMagnolia stellataup to 1.5 metersWhitefrost-proof
Umbrella magnoliaMagnolia tripetalaup to 12 metersWhitewinterproof
Swamp magnoliaMagnolia virginianaup to 10 metersWhiteNo
Yellow RiverMagnolia yellow riverup to 2.5 meterscreamy white to ivory coloredwinterproof
Magnolia hybrid "Genie"Magnolia soulangiana "Genie"up to approx. 3 metersdark / red-purplewinterproof

Tips & Tricks

The star magnolias are usually much smaller than other magnolias. If there is very little space and there is a corresponding interest, training as a bonsai is also possible.