Dig up cherry laurel: With our tips the show of strength succeeds

Dig up cherry laurel: With our tips the show of strength succeeds

The right time

It is best to dig up a cherry laurel that you plan to move during the dormancy period. This lasts from November to April. If you do not want to transplant the cherry laurel afterwards, you can remove the bush all year round.

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Digging up the cherry laurel

Before transplanting, make a well around the bush. This should be at least sixty centimeters from the main trunk. Dig the furrow so deep that you come across the top roots of the cherry laurel.

From here, pierce the soil vertically with the spade so that the roots are cut. You can lift the root ball cut off in this way out of the earth.

Remove cherry laurel

Very large shrubs that should not be transplanted can be shortened before digging out and then sawed off the trunk. Dig up the roots all around with a spade and prick the roots as far as possible with the tip of the shovel. The thick main roots are then cut with an ax.

Now take advantage of the leverage of the trunk and push it alternately in different directions. This will tear off the roots that have remained in the ground and you can remove the remains of the trunk.

When replanting the cherry laurel, follow these steps:

  • Dig a planting pit that is at least twice as wide and deep as the root ball.
  • Mix the removed topsoil with some sand or garden soil.
  • Enrich the earth with manure, horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) or compost.
  • Insert the laurel cherry and fill the planting hole with the substrate.
  • Trample the ground firmly.
  • Soak the cherry laurel well.

Since the cherry laurel is extremely robust, it quickly takes root again after being moved.

Tips & Tricks

When planting, consider how big a cherry laurel can get. The larger the shrub and the longer it stood in place, the more difficult it will be to dig up and move the cherry laurel. If you want to remove an entire hedge, the use of a winch or a pulley system is recommended.