Fight mealybugs on the hydrangea

Fight mealybugs on the hydrangea

Appearance and damage

Mealybugs are easy to identify thanks to the fine white web that surrounds the insects. The animals, about one to five millimeters in size, can be found on all parts of the plant. They feed on the sap and emit a poison with their saliva, which inhibits plant growth. The affected leaves turn yellow and fall off. If the infestation is severe, the hydrangea will inevitably die.

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Causes of the infestation

If indoor hydrangeas are attacked by scale insects, you usually introduced the lice when you bought another plant. With dry indoor air or longer, dry periods in the summer months, the animals can reproduce in large numbers and cause great damage. Frequent ventilation and regular spraying of the plants can prevent an infestation.

Fight mealybugs

With our effective measures you can get rid of the insect pests quickly.

Biological control by predators

Ichneumon wasp, ladybird and lacewing are natural enemies of the mealybug. You can purchase these beneficial insects from specialist retailers and place them directly on the plant both outdoors and indoors.

Effective home remedies for mild infestations

You can make an effective and environmentally friendly spray against mealybugs on the hydrangea yourself. Mix:

  • 12 g pararaffin oil
  • 1 liter of water
  • 10 drops of detergent

and pour the solution into a sprayer. Spray the hydrangea thoroughly with this mixture at least once a week.

Chemical control

If the infestation is very strong, it is sometimes unavoidable to use the chemical club to save the hydrangea. Modern insecticides are plant-friendly and yet very good. Wet all parts of the hydrangea plant thoroughly so that all of the lice are really destroyed. Many agents have to be used several times to reliably kill the mealybug eggs.

Tips & Tricks

Since mealy bugs multiply explosively, the neighboring plants of the hydrangea could also be infested. You should therefore always check them and take appropriate countermeasures at the first signs.