The ideal privacy screen and shade provider: trees that grow quickly

The ideal privacy screen and shade provider: trees that grow quickly

Fast growing deciduous trees

Willows are very robust and fast-growing tree species, which are also available in a large selection of varieties for the home garden. Poplars and plane trees also grow extremely quickly, but with their final size of up to 40 meters they can quickly blow up a normal terraced house garden. These species are usually only suitable for parks or large gardens. For the average garden, on the other hand, the bluebell tree (Paulownia tomentosa) is very suitable, which can be up to 15 meters high and grows about 70 centimeters per year. The popular trumpet tree (Catalpa bignonioides) is just as quick. For small gardens, on the other hand, the vinegar tree (Rhus typhina), which only grows to about six meters high, is recommended. But be careful: You have to use a root barrier here, otherwise a lot of runners will form.

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The most beautiful fast-growing deciduous trees at a glance:

  • Willow (Salix): especially weeping willow, harlequin willow, white willow, corkscrew willow and kitten willow
  • Poplar (Populus): Balsam poplar or birch poplar
  • Sycamore (Platanus): especially maple-leaved sycamore, American sycamore
  • Bluebell tree (Paulownia tomentosa)
  • Trumpet Tree (Catalpa bignonioides)
  • Vinegar tree (Rhus typhina)

Fast-growing conifers

The primeval sequoia (Metasequoia glyptostroboides), which comes from East Asia (and is not related to the American Sequoia!), Is particularly fast-growing. As a young tree, it increases in height by up to one meter per year, but can also become very high with an average of 35 meters. Sickle firs (Cryptomeria japonica) and native forest pines (Pinus sylvestris) are significantly smaller, with a final height of around 15 meters, but also grow very quickly.

Fast-growing conifers at a glance:

  • Primeval sequoia (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)
  • Sickle fir (Cryptomeria japonica)
  • Forest pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Incidentally, particularly fast-growing trees often do not reach a particularly old age. In many cases, poplars, for example, have to be felled after around 50 to 60 years, as they are no longer stable. As a rule of thumb, the older a tree, the slower it grows.


With a good supply of water and nutrients, you can accelerate the growth of many trees.