As if freshly collected: freeze forest mushrooms

As if freshly collected: freeze forest mushrooms

Which mushrooms can be frozen?

In principle, there is nothing to prevent all edible mushrooms from being preserved by freezing. They should be fresh, firm and carefully cleaned before freezing. Neither forest mushrooms nor mushrooms from the supermarket can tolerate being cleaned with water - they could soak up. It is better to brush it off with a special mushroom or vegetable brush and cut off soiled stems with a sharp knife.

Be careful with chanterelles: they taste bitter when frozen raw, which is why you should only put this type of mushroom in the freezer, seared or blanched.

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Freeze wild mushrooms raw

First bring the cleaned forest mushrooms into the shape in which you want to use them later: cut the mushrooms into slices, halves or quarters or leave small forest mushrooms in one piece. Since the mushroom pieces will very likely freeze together in the freezer to form a lump, you should put them in portions in freezer bags or freezer-safe lockable boxes. Alternatively, you can first freeze the forest mushrooms lying next to each other on a board and after a few hours transfer them to freezer boxes or bags.

Freeze blanched wild mushrooms

It is also possible to blanch wild mushrooms before freezing. For chanterelles, this is the route of choice as they develop a bitter taste when frozen raw.

  1. Cut the cleaned forest mushrooms into the desired shape (e.g. slices) if you do not want to freeze them in one piece.
  2. Bring salted water to a boil and put the mushrooms in it for a minute.
  3. After draining, put the forest mushrooms in ice water for a moment. How to interrupt the cooking process.
  4. Now put the completely cooled mushrooms in portions in freezer containers. You can also freeze them on a wooden board as described above.
  5. In order to last longer, the mushrooms must be stored at -18 ° C in the *** freezer compartment.

Thaw or process mushrooms

You should never thaw frozen mushrooms before processing. They would become spongy and lose their aroma. Put the wild mushrooms in the pan or pot frozen. So you cook through quickly and taste like fresh from the forest.

You can store frozen forest mushrooms in the freezer for up to a year. The fresher the mushrooms were before freezing, the longer they can be kept in the freezer. After a few months they lose their aroma.