The best care for the room hibiscus

The best care for the room hibiscus

Where do I put a room hibiscus?

The Chinese hibiscus feels good in a bright, sunny place. So quietly on the windowsill, but not necessarily in the midday sun. If you provide enough water and humidity, the hibiscus can also handle the proximity to the heater well. Under no circumstances should the hibiscus be rearranged during flowering, otherwise it will throw off the flowers.

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Can the Chinese hibiscus move outside in summer?

Yes, the hibiscus can be outdoors in a sunny, sheltered spot from May to October. Since the Chinese hibiscus is not hardy, it must be brought into the house before the first frost. The garden hawk or rose hawk is better suited for growing in the garden.

How do I repot a room hibiscus?

You can repot small plants in slightly larger containers every spring. Large plants remain in their pots, only the earth is replaced here. You use commercially available potting soil as the substrate. The roots are loosened when repotting and cut back slightly.

Does the hibiscus hibernate?

The hibiscus uses the winter months to gather strength. Then it gets by with a cooler location at temperatures of 12-15 ° C. It is important to put it in a light place, water less, do not fertilize more. In a warm room the hibiscus will also bloom in winter, but then cannot keep hibernating.

How often do I have to water the hibiscus?

The hibiscus needs to be watered regularly. Since the hibiscus does not tolerate waterlogging, you should let the soil dry off before watering it again and pour off any excess water from the planter and saucer.

When should the hibiscus be fertilized?

In the growing season from March to August, the hibiscus should be given a liquid fertilizer every two weeks. Fertilization is stopped during the winter rest.

Will the room hibiscus be cut?

So that the hibiscus does not get too big, it can be cut down to about 15 cm every spring.

How do I fight aphids on the hibiscus?

If you have discovered aphids on the hibiscus, you have to collect them immediately or shower them off and place the plant individually to avoid infesting other plants. Effective remedies against aphids are ladybugs, soapy water, nettle infusion and biological and chemical agents from the garden market.

Is the hibiscus prone to disease?

Despite good care, the room hibiscus can also be attacked by diseases. These include yellow leaves, chlorosis, yellow spot disease, and spider mite infestations.

Why are the buds of my hibiscus falling off unopened?

This can be caused by a lack of water and frequent changes.