How To Take Care Of Your Holly - Tips and Tricks

How To Take Care Of Your Holly - Tips and Tricks

Plant the holly

The holly prefers a bright location, either in the sun or in light partial shade. The soil should be humus and not too dry. The Ilex does not tolerate calcareous soil or waterlogging particularly well. The best planting times are spring or autumn. Older holly trees are reluctant to transplant.

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Water and fertilize the holly

Keeping the soil for your holly evenly moist, a layer of mulch can help. This is particularly useful in summer because the soil should never dry out completely. Without a layer of mulch, you will have to water a little more often. You don't need to fertilize your holly, but you can add a little compost every now and then.

The multiplication of the holly

You don't really have to worry about the reproduction of your ilex. The berries are an excellent source of food for native birds. The bird droppings distribute the seeds from the fruits in your garden. So you just need patience, because the seeds take a long time to germinate. Alternatively, you can also propagate the ilex with cuttings or sinkers.

The holly in winter

The European holly is relatively hardy, after all it also grows wild in the forests. Their berries are an important source of food for the native birds in winter. However, they are poisonous to many other animals. Just two or three berries can be fatal to smaller animals.

The essentials in brief:

  • as bright a location as possible
  • no waterlogging and the lowest possible lime soil
  • easy to care for
  • hardy
  • Propagation by birds, cuttings or sinkers
  • Berries poisonous to humans
  • Branches are popular Christmas decorations
  • important source of food for native birds


Don't get holly out of the forest, even if it seems to be growing lush there. The European holly is one of the protected plants!

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