How to remove moss from pavement and terrace in harmony with nature

How to remove moss from pavement and terrace in harmony with nature

Moss remover from the kitchen - tips on tried and tested home remedies

The use of chemical agents has long been frowned upon in environmentally and health-conscious households. Consequently, the focus is on classic home remedies to remove the annoying and slippery moss layer from stones. You can use the following moss remover (€ 8.11 at Amazon *) straight away, because they are part of the basic equipment on every kitchen shelf:

  • Dissolve 20 g of soda in 10 l of boiling water, spread on the paving stones and leave for a few days
  • Stir 15 g of potassium permanganate into 10 l of water, spray onto the moss-covered stones and brush off after 5 hours
  • Apply apple cider vinegar to the patio or paving stones, leave on for 24 hours and scrub off
  • Spray undiluted cola on small infested areas, leave it on for a few days and sweep away the dead moss

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The recommended moss shredders (€ 8.11 at Amazon *) from the kitchen are all the more successful the more consistently they are used. As is typical for all home remedies, a single application is usually not enough. Don't let that confuse you. Instead, repeat the application until you have removed all the moss from the stones and terrace.

Eliminate moss with muscle fat - this is how it works

It is an incontrovertible fact that pavement made of natural stone and exposed aggregate concrete reacts very sensitively to processing with liquids of all kinds. Instead of using a moss killer that is too sharp and does more harm than good, you can remove moss effectively and without risk manually. This works best with a wire brush or grout brush when the moss covering is damp.

Skip high-pressure cleaners and thermal devices

Do not attack the moss on your terrace or the paved path with a pressure washer (€ 85.90 at Amazon *) or a flame device. Such brutal control methods only appear to remove the green coating from stones. In fact, the surface is so affected that the next generation of moss has an easy time of it and spreads all the more stubbornly.

An overview of ecological moss destroyers from the store

A lot of work and time is required to remove moss with home remedies or manually. You can avoid this problem by purchasing a moss remover with ecologically harmless ingredients. The following list presents products with good reviews:

Moss removerProduct nameprice
Biodegradable moss killerAGO Quart10.90 euros for 500 ml
Against moss on the pavement and in the lawnDr. Stähler Moss Destroyer Moos-Frei ORGANIC23.90 euros for 1 liter
Removes moss from stones and terracesCompo organic moss-free10.60 euros for 500 ml
Acetic acid-based moss removerCelaflor Natures Moss Free7.99 euros for 1 liter
Environmentally friendly and fast moss removerNatria 3 hours organic weed free AF9.90 euros for 500 ml


If you have successfully combated the moss on stones, you can easily prevent a renewed infestation by sprinkling sand between the paving stones in all the joints and cracks. Moss plants and other weeds won't find a hold on the fine-crumbly subsoil.