Breeding the fig by cuttings

Breeding the fig by cuttings

Propagation by cuttings

If possible, cut the sprouts in spring. Both lignified and green shoots of a healthy and vigorously growing fig are suitable. Follow these steps:

  • Cut a piece of fig branch eight inches below the eye.
  • Put the cutting a few centimeters into the water or
  • Put ten centimeters deep in a mixture of sand and potting soil.
  • Dipping in rooting powder speeds up growth.
  • Close the glass or planter with a transparent plastic bag (greenhouse climate).
  • Temperatures of around 20 degrees are ideal.
  • Always put the cutting in the shade.

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The little fig sprouts after just two to three weeks. If you have decided to grow in a water glass, you should transplant the little tree into the ground before the entire vessel is filled with white water roots.

After planting, these roots first have to adapt to the soil, which costs the plant a lot of strength. If you wait too long before moving, this will delay the growth of the little fig.

Which pieces of branch are suitable?

The old gardening rule applies to fig cuttings:

“The more lignified the offspring, the more difficult it is to root. The fresher and greener the cutting, the easier it is, but the more likely the cutting is to rot. "

Keep a close eye on the stem. If it feels soft and muddy, the offspring has unfortunately failed.

Propagation by head cuttings

Head cuttings are cut from a shoot tip with a short stem and a few leaves. Make sure the mother plant is healthy and has no pests. If possible, cut head cuttings before the fig flowers and bears fruit. For rooting, you can either place the cutting a few centimeters deep in water or plant it directly. If you want to grow the head cuttings in soil, it is advisable to immerse them in rooting powder beforehand.

Alternatively, you can use trunk parts without a crown, which arise, for example, when pruning a fig that has grown too big or unsightly. After cutting, leave the stem part of the fig to dry in the shade for about 24 hours. The further procedure corresponds to the one mentioned above.

Tips & Tricks

To ensure that the figs grown from the cuttings bear fruit safely, you should make sure that you cut cuttings from real fig trees.