When should I cut my gorse?

When should I cut my gorse?

Does gorse need to be cut regularly?

Regular pruning is definitely recommended for gorse. This will keep the plant healthy and blooming. Over time, the gorse tends to become lignified and it no longer forms flowers on these woody shoots. After a few years, your gorse will only bloom in the upper area while the lower area becomes increasingly bare.

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When is the best time to trim my gorse?

Your gorse can be pruned in both spring and autumn. As a rule, an annual average is sufficient, or alternatively every three to four years. Ideally, do it after the flowering period in June.

The real gorse (bot. Genista) is quite hardy, but every now and then a (young) shoot freezes to death. So always check your gorse for dry twigs in spring and remove them immediately.

Can gorse tolerate radical pruning?

The gorse is quite robust and can also tolerate radical pruning. However, this should not be done too often. Every three to five years you can shorten your gorse to around 35 to 40 centimeters.

Make sure, however, that at least one branch remains. So the plant sprouts beautifully bushy again. A radical pruning should not take place in late autumn, otherwise the gorse is threatened by frost damage. The exception to this rule is a gorse in a pot or bucket. However, it should then overwinter frost-free.

Things to know about pruning the gorse:

  • possible: in early spring and / or autumn
  • annually or every 3 to 4 years
  • ideal: after flowering in June
  • Always remove frozen and diseased shoots as soon as possible


Regular pruning not only keeps your gorse healthy, it also ensures abundant flowering.