Outdoor cucumber cultivation - that's how it works outside

Outdoor cucumber cultivation - that's how it works outside

The right free range cucumber for every taste

Generally high-yielding varieties are the F1 hyprids with a long harvest period. Some are also bitter-free and powdery mildew resistant. For example, you can choose between the following types of cucumber and pickled cucumbers:

  • Rimoni F1 - cucumber - bitter-free, edible peel.
  • Delicacy - mini cucumber for salad or for pickling.
  • Klostergurke (Monastyrski) - Salad cucumber, robust, storable for a long time.
  • Foothills of the mountains - precocious, tasty pickled cucumber.
  • Sikkim cucumber - salad cucumber, Indian variety, very aromatic.
  • Lemon cucumber - snack cucumber, small, plump, white pulp.

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To obtain resistant, robust plants, you can refine cucumbers yourself or purchase refined cucumber plants.

Outdoor cucumber cultivation in the greenhouse and in the field

As long as the ground is below 15 degrees Celsius, outdoor cucumbers hardly grow. So that they grow in size faster, simply put them in the warm, damp greenhouse until the outside temperature rises. You can go outside in mid-May. However, the warmth-needing plants should slowly get used to the outside climate. Grow at a distance of 60 centimeters in the prepared bed or tub in a sunny and sheltered place.

Free range cucumbers growing on the balcony

You can grow free-range cucumbers on the balcony in a bucket or pot of at least 20 liters. Fill the planter with substrate or potting soil, plant cucumbers, attach them to a trellis and place them in a sheltered, sunny location.

Finally harvest time

For free-range cucumbers, it takes 6 weeks from cultivation to harvest. Pickles from the bed are the most aromatic when you pick them in the morning. If the skin begins to turn yellow, the cucumbers are overripe. Harvest the outdoor cucumbers now at the latest so that smaller specimens can still ripen.

Good and less good friends

Whether in the greenhouse or in the open air - good friends are beans, garlic, kohlrabi, spinach and dill. Less good ones: peas, cabbage, beetroot, and celery.

Tips & Tricks

Free-range cucumbers, in particular, are heavy eaters and remove nutrients from the soil. That is why it makes sense to spread a biological slow release fertilizer around the plant.