Can verdigris be removed with home remedies?

Can verdigris be removed with home remedies?

What is verdigris anyway?

Real verdigris forms on brass or copper when the metal comes into contact with air and acetic acid. This toxic blue-green coating cannot form on wood or stone. The green coating on these materials is more like algae, moss or lichen. They occur mainly in the shade and with long-lasting or frequently recurring moisture.

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What helps against green growth?

If the covering is still thin, it can often be removed mechanically and dry by brushing or scrubbing. A thick layer is usually more stubborn and therefore harder to remove this way. You need time and energy for this. Soda or baking soda can make your job easier. Mix about one tablespoon of baking soda or soda into your cleaning water per liter of water.

When doing your job, keep in mind that the powder to be processed can irritate the mucous membranes of your airways or your eyes. Therefore, you should not inhale the dust. However, the use of the lye produced is considered to be environmentally friendly. You can also use it to remove green pavement from concrete or natural stone walls. Let the lye act for a while before brushing off.

How can I prevent green growth?

On the terrace or balcony as well as on garden paths, you can prevent with regular but gentle cleaning. It is best to store garden furniture in a dry place when not in use. After a surprising downpour, let the furniture dry in the sun before taking it to storage.

The most important things about green pavement in brief:

  • forms mainly in the shade and in damp conditions
  • should be removed as early as possible
  • remove mechanically if possible (brush or scrubber)
  • if necessary use environmentally friendly agents (soda or baking soda)


The sooner you remove the unpleasant green covering, the gentler you can use.