The growth of the firethorn

The growth of the firethorn

How does the firethorn grow?

Untrimmed, the wood from the rose family shows sparsely branched, thorny growth. In good locations it reaches a height of between four and six meters. Most firethorn varieties are slow growing.

The correct planting distance

Don't plant firethorn too tightly. In cut hedges, the planting distance should be at least thirty centimeters. If you want to create a free-growing natural hedge, we recommend planting distances of one meter and more.


You should cut the firethorn regularly for dense and branched growth.

Tips & Tricks

Even though the firethorn is not one of the native deciduous trees, it is often planted as a bird protection tree. The bright orange-red berries that remain on the bush for a long time serve as valuable food for the animals in the cold season. In the protection of the thorn-reinforced branches, they can raise their young, well protected from cats, martens and other enemies.