Lavender: the right care for the balcony and terrace

Lavender: the right care for the balcony and terrace

Is lavender suitable as a balcony planting?

Provided the conditions are right, lavender can be used to plant a balcony without hesitation. Among other things, this has the advantage that mosquitoes will no longer haunt you on mild summer evenings - the intense scent of lavender keeps the annoying biting insects away. Before you set out and buy plants in your nearest garden center, however, you should first check the actual conditions in your area. So that the lavender feels good, it needs

  • a place in full sun (i.e. a shady balcony is unsuitable)
  • a balcony that faces south or west is ideal
  • Balconies facing north or east are usually not suitable
  • the balcony should be protected from the wind
  • and also big enough: Lavender can grow up to a meter high and just as wide.

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Suitable lavender varieties for a pot culture

There are around 25 to 30 different types of lavender, some of which are particularly suitable for pot cultivation due to their lower growth. On the other hand, varieties that grow very large, such as the Speiklavender, need a correspondingly large amount of space. If, on the other hand, you are looking for hardy lavender plants, then only varieties of real lavender come into question. The potted lavender is ideally suited for pot cultivation, although it is not allowed to overwinter outdoors.

Plant lavender in pots

When choosing planters, make sure that they are sufficiently large and, above all, deep - lavender develops a broad, finely branched network of roots and deep taproots. In addition, the pots should be too big rather than too small, because the lavender needs space. Use a nutrient-poor, sandy substrate - commercial potting soil is usually too heavily pre-fertilized and therefore not very suitable. Good drainage in the pot is also important to avoid waterlogging. Too much moisture means that the plant dies quickly instead of blooming.

Optimal care for potted lavender

Caring for the potted lavender is not difficult:

  • fertilize little
  • water a little, but regularly
  • Repot at least once a year
  • the new pot should be at least a third larger than the old one
  • Protect against sudden changes in the weather (if necessary, put it in the room at short notice).

Tips & Tricks

You can also train lavender to be a bonsai, but then good care and regular pruning at least twice a year is essential.