Getting rid of rats in compost - tips and tricks

Getting rid of rats in compost - tips and tricks

Getting Rid Of Rats In Compost - What Can You Do?

It is common knowledge that rats and mice are attracted to leftover food in compost. It is less well known that rats are also attracted to the heat generated in the composter.

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If you need to get rid of rats in the compost, there are several ways to do it.

It is even better, however, that you make sure that no rats get into the compost from the start.

Make the rats uncomfortable

  • Dig up compost heaps frequently
  • stab it with the digging fork more often
  • do not throw leftover food on the compost
  • Set up traps
  • if necessary, commission exterminators

To get rid of the rats, you need to make the pests as uncomfortable as possible. A compost heap that is dug up frequently is not very attractive to rats. By digging you also ensure temperature fluctuations. The rats either get too cold or too hot.

Do not throw leftover food such as meat or sausage waste and cooked food on the compost. If the rats find nothing to eat, they look for food elsewhere.

Set up rat traps, preferably live traps. However, you have to check these regularly and take away captured rats. Dead traps usually only help briefly, as the rats understand the system very quickly and stay away from the traps.

Secure compost heaps

To prevent rats from getting in, place the composter on a wire rack. Cover open compost heaps in the garden with a grid and also ensure that the ventilation holes in the sides are too small for the rats.


If the rat infestation is very pronounced, contact the municipality or hire an exterminator. He will make sure you get rid of the rats without endangering small children and pets.