Design the front yard in a modern way - ideas for modern front yard design

Design the front yard in a modern way - ideas for modern front yard design

Floor plan with clear lines - tips for planning

Modern front garden design does not mean that elements that are currently in vogue are blindly integrated here. Rather, the term communicates attributes such as aesthetics, harmony, clever planning, uncomplicated execution and beauty. With a true-to-scale plan sketch, you give these premises shape and form. That's what matters:

  • Stylistic repetition of the architecture of the house
  • Clear lines for paths and beds, preferably in geometric shapes
  • Use of natural materials such as wood, gravel, natural stone or bark mulch
  • Set modern accents with floor lights, spotlights, solar balls and similar lighting

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Individuality and naturalness are trumps in the contemporary front yard. If you can live with the maintenance of a lawn or if you have a weakness for colorful mosaic as a floor covering, these components are entirely in line with the basic ideas for modern front garden design.

Trendy plants for the modern front yard

The stylistic reduction to clear lines is reflected in an adequate selection of plants. No boastful shrubs, sweeping shrubs or sprawling grasses are in demand here. The focus is on the following types and varieties, which are characterized by restrained elegance:

  • Evergreen topiary trees for the enclosure, such as boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) or yew (Taxus baccata)
  • Ball trees as leading figures, such as ball maple (Acer platanoides 'Globosum')
  • Ball hydrangeas with a play of green and white colors, like Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'
  • Annual flowers and small perennials as dots of color

The modern front garden design favors original ornamental grasses as the main characters. The Himalayan riding grass (Calamagrostis emodensis) with silvery-pink spike blossoms and the decorative bearskin fescue (Festuca gautieri 'Pic Carlit') with spherical grass heads are very popular. Modern grasses with a privacy screen effect are the wonderful garden riding grass (Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster') and the non-proliferating bamboo (Fargesia murielae 'Smaragd').


Japanese garden art comes very close to the requirements for modern front garden design. Here, the ingredients for an authentic appearance are limited to the five elements water, stones, moss and wood, which leaves plenty of room for individual design variants.