The impressive growth of the sequoia tree

The impressive growth of the sequoia tree

Interesting facts at a glance

  • Sequoias can grow up to 100 meters in height
  • their root system is also correspondingly large (up to 0.3 hectares)
  • Coast redwoods have the greatest growth
  • Hyperion, the largest sequoia in the world measures 115, 55 meters

Maximum height and speed of growth

In the national parks of the USA, the home of the sequoia, there are trees that reach up to 100 meters in height. Since the local climate is very different from the one there, the Sequoia does not reach its maximum capacity in this country. Nevertheless, you also have the chance to admire 80 meters of plants in Europe.

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Small becomes big

It's hard to believe that such a huge tree is initially just a tiny cutting. In the first year, you will even have to keep your sequoia in a pot when you are growing it. It is only ready to be planted outdoors from a height of one meter. After that, however, its growth increases rapidly. Up to 2 cm per season is quite common.

Sequoias in private gardens?

Now you are certainly asking yourself whether a tree of this size might not exceed the capacity of your property. Sequoias can often be found in parks and although they are exceptions on private properties, they are common. However, it is important that you really have enough space. The distance to buildings should be at least 15 meters. Alternatively, sequoia can also be kept in the bucket. Regular pruning slows down growth here.