Is potting soil right for indoor plants?

Is potting soil right for indoor plants?

Contents of the potting soil

So that a plant can grow well in the potting soil, it should have the following ingredients, among others:

  • humus
  • compost
  • Fibrous materials, e.g. B. coconut, wood, algae
  • volume
  • sand
  • Lime for the ph value
  • Slow release fertilizer
  • Peat for loosening the soil and storing water

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The additive peat should be avoided for environmental reasons. On the one hand, valuable moorlands are damaged by the breakdown of peat and, on the other hand, peat makes the earth acidic. Most indoor plants do not tolerate this very well.

Nevertheless, one would not want to do without the addition of peat entirely, as there is still no substitute that has all of its good properties. Peat-free potting soil is already available in garden centers. They consist, among other things, of green compost, bark humus, coconut and wood fibers in order to have properties that are as good as peat-containing potting soil.

The potting soil for house plants

This particular soil is specially formulated for potted plants. Indoor plants only have a limited space, their pot, and must therefore be supplied with sufficient nutrients in the smallest of spaces. Potting soil is therefore particularly rich in nutrients. Depending on the manufacturer, it contains more or less fertilizer. As a rule, the deposit is sufficient for one to two months. Then a suitable fertilizer must be used.

Potting soil must be able to store moisture well so that the indoor plants can always meet their needs. Special fibers ensure optimal storage capacity. Adding clay granulate is ideal. In addition to water, the clay also stores nutrients in the earth.

Potting soil must have a stable structure so that the plants get a good hold and can take root optimally. The earth must not condense even after a long time so that the roots can always be supplied with sufficient oxygen. The potting soil becomes structurally stable through compost, coconut fibers and perlite (€ 32.90 at Amazon *) (volcanic glass in the form of small grains).