Small and large cherry trees

Small and large cherry trees

Big cherry trees

High tribes

Tall trunks have a minimum trunk height of approx. 180 cm. The sweet cherry trees can grow up to 20 m and the sour cherry trees up to 7-8 m high. The vigorous roots on which the standard trunks are grafted are responsible for the growth.

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Half-stems are not about half as high as the high-stems. They have a trunk height of at least 120 cm. When fully grown, the half-trunks reach a height similar to that of the tall-trunks. The difference to the high trunk is that the crown base is lower. The rootstocks of the half-trunks are medium to weak-growing.

Small cherry trees


The bush trees have the trunk height up to the base of the crown of about 60 cm. They grow less upright, more shrubby, are easy to develop into spindles and reach a height of around 3-4 m. The bushes are refined on low-growing bases and do not take up that much space in terms of width.

Columnar trees

The column cherry trees are particularly suitable for small gardens or patio plants. The height of 3 m is rarely exceeded in these trees. The column niches are usually refined on the GiSelA underlays, which are characterized by particularly weak growth.

Tips & Tricks

Very large and old sweet cherry trees have such a spreading crown that it is not possible to completely protect them from birds with a net. You should therefore leave part of the harvest to our feathered friends. A sweet cherry tree in full yield provides so much fruit that it is sufficient for humans and animals.