Do not water the Kentia palm too much

Do not water the Kentia palm too much

Proper watering of the Kentia palm

Water penetratingly from March to September. Do not leave water in the saucer, as waterlogging is dangerous for the Kentia palm. There is less watering in winter. It is important that the root ball is always slightly damp.

It is poured with lime-free, lukewarm water. Rainwater is best. If you have to use tap water, let the water stand for a long time beforehand.

You can't go wrong with watering if you hydroponically care for the Kentia palm. If you use the water level indicator as a guide, you can never give too much or too little water.


Kentia palms can also be propagated from seeds themselves, but this is a tedious process. It can take months for the seeds to germinate.