Can I also brew a ginkgo in a pot?

Can I also brew a ginkgo in a pot?

What should I consider when planting in a pot?

As a rule, planted pots are placed where people like to be, namely in the living room, on the terrace or balcony. However, since the female ginkgo tree produces quite foul-smelling fruits, you should definitely plant a male tree in your pot. It is also advisable to choose a variety that remains rather small.

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How do I care for a ginkgo in a pot?

Ginkgo is also not difficult to care for in a pot. Since the water and nutrient supply here depends entirely on you, you should water and fertilize your ginkgo regularly. A liquid universal fertilizer is quite sufficient. But always give only small amounts to prevent overdoring.

How do I overwinter a ginkgo in a bucket?

In the tub, the ginkgo is very suitable for planting your balcony or terrace. It can also spend the winter there because it is quite hardy. To prevent the sensitive root ball from freezing to death, you should protect the bucket from frost on all sides with an old blanket, plant fleece or old jute sacks. Alternatively, wintering in a frost-free winter quarters is also possible.

Is a ginkgo in a pot also suitable for the living room?

The ginkgo tree can be a very attractive houseplant, but then it needs special care. Do not place it in a dark corner of the room because it needs a lot of light. A location near a window is therefore very important for the plant to thrive.

In the wild, a ginkgo will go bald in winter. This rest phase is used for recovery. If your ginkgo is in the evenly heated living room all year round, then it lacks this vegetation break in the long term and the tree could become ailing or worry. You can remedy this with a cool winter storage at around 5 ° C to 10 ° C.

The most important things about the ginkgo in brief:

  • easy to care for and adaptable
  • choose a bright location
  • fertilize regularly but not too abundantly
  • Winter frost-free
  • it is best to choose a short variety
  • Repot about every 3 years


If you don't want to keep your ginkgo small by pruning it regularly, then the “Troll” variety with a maximum size of approx. 80 cm is a good alternative.