Espalier fruit varieties - a tree for every taste

Espalier fruit varieties - a tree for every taste

The classic espalier fruit

The typical fruit tree in this country is certainly the apple tree. It is also most often chosen for trellis planting. Together with pear, plum and cherry trees, it is one of the classic espalier fruit varieties that bear regularly and well in these climatic conditions.

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Warmth-loving fruits

The other espalier fruit varieties also include heat-loving trees such as:

  • apricot
  • peach
  • Cowardly

These tree species also grow in our latitudes, but they need a lot of warmth for a good and sweet harvest. They are therefore often drawn on south walls, as they store solar heat and release it to the tree. The fruits then ripen faster and more reliably.

Berry bushes as espalier fruit

Berry bushes can also be raised as espalier fruits. Such a trellis fruit hedge offers not only delicious fruit but also a wonderful privacy screen.

Other types of fruit

Basically, every type of fruit that grows free-standing can also be pulled on a trellis. For example a quince tree. It is important that it is refined on a small base. Refinements on medium-sized substrates result in higher trellises.


In most federal states, espalier fruit does not have to be kept at a minimum distance from the neighboring property. Another good reason to choose espalier fruit.

The climbers

It is more and more fashionable to grow kiwis or grapes on the trellis. However, it is not typical espalier fruit, but hardy climbing fruit. The former forms strong and stable branches over time that can bear their own load and fruit. Climbers, on the other hand, need continuous supportive connections.