Propagating a money tree - how to win offshoots

Propagating a money tree - how to win offshoots

Methods of propagating money trees

There are three methods to propagate a money tree:

  • Cut head cuttings
  • Use leaf cuttings
  • Grow money tree from seeds

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Propagation via head cuttings

To pull cuttings from head cuttings, cut a few shoots of the money tree in the spring. They should be about four inches long. Remove the lower leaves and let the interfaces dry for two to three days.

Then put the cuttings in prepared seed pots (€ 14.90 at Amazon *) that you have filled with a mixture of cactus soil and mineral substances such as gravel or granules. Put the pots in a bright, warm place without direct sunlight.

The roots form within a few weeks. The offshoots are then maintained as normal.

Simply pull out the cuttings in the water glass

Another way to get offshoots from the money tree is to put the cuttings in a glass of water.

There the tender roots form within a short time. When the roots are about two to three centimeters long, plant the cuttings in individual pots. Continue to care for them normally.

Propagate money tree from leaves

You can also grow new money trees simply from leaves. Cut off a few leaves and let them dry for a few days. Prepare growing pots with substrate that you moisten well. Now all you have to do is place the leaves on the substrate and press them lightly.

Alternatively, you can press the leaves a little bit into the earth. Also place the pots in a bright and warm place. New roots are formed relatively quickly.

Growing money trees from seeds

In order to harvest seeds from the penny tree, the plant must have flowered. In pure indoor culture, flowers rarely develop, so you cannot multiply the money tree in this way.

However, once the plant has flowered and developed seeds, you can sow them.

Use an indoor greenhouse for this, which you fill with potting soil. Do not scatter the seeds too densely and press them lightly. Place the greenhouse in a warm, bright location out of direct sunlight.

Fertilize young plants

Especially at the beginning it is advisable to provide the cuttings with additional fertilizer. Use cactus fertilizer, but cut the dose indicated on the package in half.


An old folk wisdom says that the money tree or penny tree is a symbol of prosperity. As long as the plant is thriving, the house will not run out of money. One reason for this wisdom is certainly the ease with which these succulents can propagate.